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Jelly Beans in the Ocean

I don’t have too much to say about Florianopolis - we spent most of our time here relaxing on the beach. If you don’t like noisy, crowded beaches, I suggest you give this place a miss. I, however, love sitting on beaches that aren’t just for tourists and watching the endless vendors go by, the kids playing in the water, the women of all shapes and sizes prancing around in thongs (I’m so overdressed at the beach in Brazil), hearing the loud, pulsing music, and jumping into the warm ocean when I’ve had enough of the heat. The vendors are always interesting, they sell everything from food and drink to bikinis. There's never a dull moment here! We stayed in Canasvieiras Beach - there are other, more beautiful and expensive beaches, but I loved it here.

We did a day trip to Campeche Island which is definitely worth a visit. When we arrived on the island, we were greeted and given some instructions by someone who spoke some English. He warned us that there were jellybeans in the water and to watch out for them. We all had a good laugh over that! I did see one jellyfish but the water was so clear and warm that I couldn’t stay out. The white sand and blue water makes this island a paradise, and it’s much calmer than the mainland. There were also delicious, icy cold caipirinhas, the famous Brazilian drink consisting only of limes, sugar and cachaca.

I didn't bring out my professional cameras once here, it was kind of nice to just relax. All the photos you see are from my iPhone.

During our stay, we had a few issues with one of our flights and had to get the hotel receptionist to help us call the agency. It’s very hard to find anyone who speaks English here so we asked this poor girl for help with everything. She knows I am trying to learn Portuguese, and when a man beside me asked me to borrow my pen, I beamed with pride as I passed it to him. “Look at me understanding Portuguese”, I said to her with a smile. “That was Spanish.” Ach, at least I can understand one foreign language.

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