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Iguazu Falls Brazilian Style

Everyone says that the Argentinian side of the falls is the best, but I am not sure that I agree with that. They definitely have more water flowing on their side, but you undoubtedly have a better view from Brazil. It’s also easier and much more organized to get around. We take a single bus through the jungle, get dropped off at one end of the walking trail, and picked up at the other. There are also a lot less people here, which makes taking photos and getting closer to the railings a lot easier. We have a birds eye views of most of the waterfalls, and one lower section of the trail brings us directly in front of the Devil’s Throat. It gives us a totally new perspective on the powerful waterfall, seeing it from the front instead of the side shows its beauty rather than its strength.

There are coatis here too, but at lunch we are accosted by a giant lizard. It was walking around with its tongue darting in and out of its mouth and it went right up to a guy’s leg and licked him. He jumped and everyone else roared. (you would have too! LOL)

That night we take a trip to what we learn is a tourist trap - The Three Borders. I’m not sad we went, but if we hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t have been sad either. What is really cool about Iguazu Falls is that three countries' borders meet here - Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. A few days ago, we stood in Argentina and looked at Paraguay and Brazil. Today, we stand in Brazil and looked at Argentina and Paraguay. Except that we paid to get in and have our photos taken at a sign that pointed to each country and ate an overpriced, very average buffet. There’s usually a cultural dance show, but that doesn’t happen on Mondays. Long story short, unless you have a lot of money and extra time, you can give this place a miss.

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