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Guanacos and Armadillos

The next morning, our last day in Calafate, we go 4x4ing up the mountain. The goal is to see condors, but alas, there isn’t enough wind. This makes me even happier that I saw the two at the glacier. We are blessed with countless guanacos, a member of the llama/alpaca family and we even see two Loica’s - the emblem bird of the area. The male is a powerful red that beckons to the female. As we are driving along, I notice something unusual scrambling through the grass. STOP! There’s an armadillo! I didn’t even know they were found here so I was pretty excited! We ended up seeing two - our guide said it was unusual to see them out in the day. Armadillo wasn’t even on my list and now I can cross it off! I also see a hawk sitting on a branch overlooking the valley, the photo ops here are endless!

We can see so much of Lago Argentina from the top - the blue of the lake still gets me. It’s so beautiful here. Something else I love about this place is that there are lots of Argentinians here. I often feel guilty that I have seen more of the world than I have of my own country, and it makes me happy to see that they are enjoying the beauty of their own country. Tomorrow we leave for our last stop in Argentina, Iguazu Falls, and although I'm excited to get to Brazil, I am loving everything we have seen and done in Argentina.

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